Moving Government Organizations into the Information Age

IMG is a non-partisan resource for modernizing government


Working with professors from the Willamette University Atkinson Graduate School of Management and State of Oregon agency directors and managers, we believe we can facilitate the process of making Oregon State Government work more effectively and efficiently for the benefit of all Oregonians.


Define, validate and promote modern management practices for public sector organizations


  • Create a movement to modernize government.
  • Develop tools to facilitate the modernization of public organization.


  • Document problems of an industrial age government organization.
  • Prototype a modern, information age government organization.
  • Identify the characteristics of a modern, information age government worker.
  • Draft a Government Modernization Act to update statutes and rules that keep government locked in the industrial age.
  • Create a graduate level Certification in Public Sector Modernization.



Institute for Modern Government is part of the Center for Governance and Public Policy Research at Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management

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